Anonymous wondered:
You are sooo nice to be doing this! Like seriously! do you have any idea how good the seats will be?

We really aren’t anything special, we’re just doing this because we feel  so so bad for people who can’t afford tickets. The location of the seats will vary with each venue! 

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Anonymous wondered:
Hello! I have a question. Will you be giving away tickets for the 2013 tour? Btw your blog is amazing and you guys are wonderful for doing this. Bless <3 :')

Yes, we will be giving away tickets for the 1D 2013 tour! Just give us time we’re getting the money to buy the tickets! :) Xx 

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Hey guys, sorry that it’s taking us forever to save up money :( We’re getting jobs and hopefully that’ll add enough money to what we already have to buy you guys the best tickets possible! 

In the meantime, check out this amazing fanfic written by our close friends Emma & Rae!!

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We haven’t been on in forever! Thanks for all the follows, we’re working on saving up the money for the winning city! :) 

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tomlinswallow-deactivated201301 wondered:
Helloooooo (: I was just looking around on the one direction tickets tag, and I found your blog. I just wanted to tell you that this is a really nice thing you're doing for fans who can't buy tickets. I wish there were other people out there as nice as you guys. <3 OH and ps, pick Ft. Lauderdale for your next giveaway, please and thank you. (;

Thank you so much!! :) & we’ll definitely see what we can do! 

shared 2 years ago on August/14/2012.

We’ve been MIA for a while, sorry guys! We’re trying to figure out what tickets we’re going to buy for the right amount of money and other things like that! 

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Tell your friends/Promo us!! 

We want as many followers as we can get so more and more people will know about ticket giveaways! :) 

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Anonymous wondered:
who won? can second place win too? pleasee!

You’ll see when we make the giveaway post in a few days! ;) & we’ll think about it, but that might mean that the seats will not be very good… 

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One Direction Ticket Giveaway!

Sorry that the post isn’t up yet, but the other owner is on vacation right now and we won’t be able to post it until she gets back! She’ll be back in six days to be exact, so until then, please spread the word about this blog & follow us on our Twitter! 

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Anonymous wondered:
my city didnt win, we were second :(((

I’m very sorry, but you never know, we might end up giving away more tickets to your city ;) 

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